3 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Websites Traffic

If you have a website, you need traffic. Traffic is the fuel for any website business. If you have quality targeted traffic coming to your site you will be seeing leads, direct sales and building relationships with people that lead to more revenue and business for your site. This article will explain three easy ways to get website traffic coming to your site. Its about following Google’s guidelines and promoting a site organically that will bring about the best results for your online business.

Blogging — consistently writing articles and related content to your website and publishing through your blog will deliver you quality traffic from the search engines. Every single blog post becomes a search engine listing that gets indexed and ranked on the search results. When people type in related keywords to what you are blogging about, they end up clicking on your search result and coming to your site. If you can write content or get blog writer to constantly update your blog this will substantially help your web business.

Social Media — get connected to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, Linked In and other major social platforms that have traffic. You want to get your website where the people are and right now they are constantly on social media platforms. This is the latest hot thing and getting your website established on social media networks and building a following can help your website stay connected to the consumers and bring direct sales.

Youtube.com — create a simple video of yourself or someone you know talking about your site or get a professionally done video created and showcase it on youtube.com. Save thousands of dollars on advertising. A view is a view. When companies spend millions of dollars advertising on tv they are simply advertising to get views and exposure. Youtube and the tv provide the same type of exposure and youtube video marketing and other only video platforms like dailymotion.com provide a great cost effective way to promote your web business with video advertising for better conversions.

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