Brand Name Domains VS Keyword Domains for Websites

What is the difference between starting a domain brand and a keyword based domain? The difference is as it sounds in the name, brand name domains are names that are easy to remember, short, catchy and provide a representation of what the business is about with one or two short words. A keyword domain on the other hand is targeting a specific keyword for search engines for example www. howtomakewaffles .com — some people when starting a website of their own, wonder which domain type is better for their long term success.

In the example keyword targeted URL above it is targeting “How to Make Waffles”. This gives it a greater likelihood to rank on this specific word because it is telling Google and other search engines you are the source for this type of content. The main decision the website owner has to make when deciding between a brand name domain and a keyword URL is if they are going to be targeting one main keyword or multiple keywords.

If you are going after a specific keyword and want to achieve ranking on this exact word then it is good to go with a keyword based name for your website business. If you are more interested in targeting multiple keywords and growing the online business naturally and with the potential for viral exposure, a brand name domain name would be the best option.

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