Top 5 Domain Registrar Companies Online in 2014

All great websites start with a domain name. There are a lot of options when choosing your domain and searching for which domain registrar to use to manage it on the web. Here is a informative list on the top 5 domain registrar companies online in 2014. All of these companies have a track record that stands for itself in terms of user-face and customer support. Please see more details below:– leading providers of domain names as its main product but also has a wide range of web related services from hosting to Search Optimization, Domain Protection, etc. makes a good choice for anyone looking for easy company to buy domain from online.– very established company with a nice domain name themselves. Register is a trusted source for domain name booking. Founded by brothers Richard, Peter Forman and Dan Levine in 1994 and consistently has grown into worldwide company for a whole range of web suite services. — of course you can find domains at with simple homepage registration for .com, .info, .co names and more. Keeping up with latest technology they offer ever more domain extensions and some of the best customer support in the industry. — find all your domain name needs at this company registrar site. Easy to search for the domain for individuals and businesses. Very sleek and simple web design for people who simply want a domain and don’t want to be distracted by all the other stuff. — this company is mainly a hosting provider but they provide the option to purchase your domain name with the host package. Only purchase your domain with Hostgator if plan on keeping your site hosted with them or it can be tricky when trying to transfer the domain. Other than this they make for perfect solution to get domain name and host your site.

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