What are Established Websites?

Established websites are just what their name would suggest – websites that are already live on the internet, with a registered domain name and already building up value and traffic. This is really a businessman’s dream, because it involves no startup at all – the website is fully operational and in some cases even generating revenue just as it is.

The domain ownership is simply transferred to the new owner, and along with it all the existing clientele and casual visitors. Since the site already has its own exposure, the new owner hits the ground running so to speak, and simply begins earning money from the purchased site.


Who should buy an Established Website?

An established website is the perfect choice for someone who simply wants to take over an existing e-business and its website. There is literally no time spent in startup or development or any kind of preparation, which means earnings can begin as soon as the transfer takes place.

Established websites have been accurately referred to as businesses in a box, which are businesses that are literally self-contained and packaged by a vendor such as Aquasites. Everything you need to conduct e-commerce is included in the website and the support that we provide to make your business profitable.

If the business you want to become involved in should include physical goods, for instance an online camera equipment site, you don’t even need to maintain inventory at your home location. All you have to do is manage the flow of goods via the established website. You can literally have a camera business without ever seeing a camera.


What does it take to be successful with an Established Website?

In order to be a successful e-commerce owner of an established website, you should be willing to immerse yourself in the particular e-business you take over. If you are willing to learn about Search Engine Optimization and using the social media to promote your site and your product, this will go a long way toward ensuring your success.

Apart from this, you simply need the desire for taking control of your daily life, working the hours you want to work, and living the life you want to live. In short, if you are committed to making your established website a success, then it will be a success and you will be living the life you always wanted.

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