What’s a Turnkey Website?

A turnkey website is one that has already been developed for the most part, but does not yet have a registered domain name, and awaits an owner who is prepared to go live with it and begin earning revenue from an e-business.

This means that the website is completely functional, and every process on it has been tested for accuracy and functionality. Ideally the turnkey site to be purchased would support the kind of company that a business owner already has and wishes to support with an online presence. For instance, an owner of a travel business could easily find an Aquasites turnkey website that manages travel arrangements.

The purchased turnkey site can still be customized to a large degree by the new owner, with regard to color schemes, graphics, logos, and preferred verbiage with strong personalized selling points.

This kind of site that is functional but still customizable provides the best of both worlds in that the site is nearly ready to go live, but can still be altered and enhanced to reflect the specifics of the new owner’s business.


Who Needs a Turnkey Website?

A turnkey site is ideal for an e-commerce business person who needs to get a business up and running on the web quickly. Some websites take weeks or even months to develop right from scratch, and in the business world time is money.

For startup businesses that cannot afford to take those weeks and months of development in order to have a web presence, the turnkey site offers a nearly-ready site that only requires some level of customization. This is actually one of its appeals, because every business owner would like to have their personal stamp on the website.


What else do I get with a Turnkey Website?

The site itself is not all you get with the purchase of a turnkey website from Aquasites. We offer whatever kind of support you need to get started up, to start doing business, and to begin realizing the monetary benefits of your new website.

If the support you need is in the form of marketing advice for your site, we can provide that. If you need more technical advice, we have strong technical support that is available whenever you choose to call. Whatever form of support you need to make your website profitable, our team is willing to provide.

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